Yeah, what? I can’t read this Kableekabloo language, you freak.

In case some foreign acquaintances of mine stumble upon this blog: I’m sorry, I’m all about catering to the needs of a small percentage of the world and alienating the rest. 😛 No, really, there are so few people who are likely to read my ramblings anyway (and most of them are Finnish), that this is what I’ll settle for right now.

But though my written meditations may continue to elude you, there is yet hope for the English speaking world! Check out my sketchblog or my more-or-less-regular journal comic.

And why not drop me a line in the meantime?
(Scroll on down for the comment form… Yes, it’s in there, just trust me…) v

2 Replies to “Yeah, what? I can’t read this Kableekabloo language, you freak.”


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